The Grimsby area has been famous for its pilchards for over 7000 years. Fish is in our blood, Pilchards in our soul.

Man and a pilchard

Grimsby pilchards are freely available in supermarkets, shops, retail outlets and small ports in the Grimsby, Goole and Severn Beach areas. With Tomato or with oil. Not arf!

Tony Pale out of TV's "Hace and Pale" says: 'The tomato variant is much better than the oil'. He's not wrong!! Sales of the oil-based version have been disappointing for some time, although here at GP we still have faith in the product overall. The oil not withstanding.

Grimsby Pilchards, they might be oily, but they're probably good for you.

For more information, damage limitation. and a free tin (oily only) call Grimsby 0144 56386 566 55 55767 or email


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2/6 a small tin





Please note that we may have to reduce prices later on this month. Fishing! It's a game. Do the government care? they don't!


Steven Collis Northampton Eastcheam Ivy